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Vidiform quality products (Showgard, Supersafe, Hawid and Hagner) are high quality stamp and coin supplies made from the best materials with thought and care.  We have included more detailed information about their products in this section.

Most business success stories begin with a tale of invention and innovation and Vidiforms Company of Congers, New York is no exception. Now located in the rolling hills of Rockland County on the west bank of the Hudson River 25 miles north of New York City. 
Vidiforms was founded in 1958 in Brooklyn, New York by Dr. Robert Weisberg, an optometrist by profession who enjoyed stamp collecting.  He had purchased a Schaubek album for a collection of German stamps he had started with his daughter and had discovered a sample of a mount.  Having tried many of the different mounts on the market and being unsatisfied with the results, he tried the sample of the twin seam, split back clear mount and was immediately won over.  He set out to buy some, but was unable to find them anywhere.  He finally wrote directly to Schaubek who referred him to Hans Widmaier of Hawid mounts, their supplier.  Hawid was producing this mount only for Schaubek for use in their hingless album.

Mr. Widmaier supplied the requested mounts and Dr. Weisberg was so pleased with the results that he decided to promote and sell them to collectors.

The initial reaction from collectors was favorable.  The mounts were a higher quality and safer product than others on the market in the U.S.  One collector wrote and suggested it be supplied with a black background.  Dr. Weisberg liked the idea, but Hans Widmaier needed a sizable order commitment to proceed.  In exchange for the large order, Dr. Weisberg requested and received an exclusive agency for sales to the US and English speaking countries.

The first shipment of Showgard mounts with a black background arrived in America in January 1960. Collector reception was favorable, so favorable that production was barely able to keep up with demand.  Since then, Showgard mounts have been the most popular, most widely used, and most respected stamp mounts in the U.S. market.  The Showgard product line has expanded to include First Day Cover Albums, stamp tongs, stock books and other philatelic accessories.

The close association with Hawid continues to this day. Vidiforms also distributes Hawid mounts in the U.S.


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